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January 23rd, 2012, 10:55 AM
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I don't have any, but I have two that I want. Neither have been drawn up yet. I know who will do them and he wants a deposit to draw them up. I'm working on convincing DH to go ahead and have them drawn up. I've wanted the one for close to a decade and the other for several years.

The one I've wanted the longest isn't fully set in stone. It'll either be a little boy angel holding a star or sitting on a star. It'll either have the initials DNP or the name Donald Nicholas. It'll also have the dates 8/27/86 and 8/29/86. This is in honor of my brother.

Most of the tattoo is self-explanatory but the star comes from something our biological father told me after Donald Nicholas's death. One night when I was missing my brother (I was only 2 when he died), Bill took me outside and pointed out the brightest star in the sky. Told me that it was my brother's star and that any time I was missing him I could just look at that star and he would know I was thinking about him. Corny? Yes. But I was little and it really helped me through. It's the only decent thing that man ever did for me.

The other tattoo is going to be a teddy bear with angel wings and maybe a halo. It'll say "Always missing my angel babies" I thought about the names but there are so many of them and we just keep adding to the list.

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