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January 23rd, 2012, 02:45 PM
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I have had a pretty average Monday today, work was manic and I have loads to do this week. I was good though and managed to talk myself into going to the gym this evening so im feeling smug about that!

i really dont feel positive about this cycle, think maybe im out :-( Last cycle I had loads of crazy IPS including terrible nausea and aversion to lots of smells, especially raw meat yuk! I was feeling really positive when AF was late - my usual cycle is around 33 days - but had -ve tests and then POW AF shows her ugly head christmas day morning! so very cruel and sad, the only good thing with the timing is that i couldnt sit and mope all day which I might have done otherwise. I just had this feeling we were so close last month and I though maybe this month would be it...but not had any IPS yet and although my temps are still above the coverline they're nothing impressive. humph. I so want to be pregnant and to be able to give my SO a beautiful son or daughter and im becoming more impatient every month. My heart goes out to all the ladies here that have been on this road for much longer than me, you are all so strong! does feel better to get this all off my chest. There's only a couple of people who know were TTC and neither of them live close so its not like I can pop round for a drink and a shoulder to cry on. Thanks for listening ladies x

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