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January 23rd, 2012, 08:55 PM
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Seriously, its 1048pm. I'm ready for bed, actually I'm laying in bed & have been doing so since 830 or so. I've managed to watch 2 movies, watch my DH drift off to lala land (btw..he snores/talks in his slEep)I'd love to join in his peaceful slumber but....I'm burning up, the rooms to hot, my back achs, my boobs feel heavy and sore, I feel like I could fill a swimming pool with my salivia, and I have a tiny touch of heartburn, not to mention I'm due a trip to see my cookie monster covered toliet seat lol I so need to pee.and will I ever visit lala land....yea maybe lol

Sooooo worth it in the end though !!!!!

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Waiting on Blessing #3

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