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January 23rd, 2012, 10:08 PM
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Haha that is funny, I am hoping it's a girl again bc it would make things so much easier for us right now if it were.
Oh another symptom I have been having I keep forgetting it's even a symptom is extreme Irritability. Everything sets me off anymore.

Thanks, I never smoked much to begin with, was a casual smoker. If there wasn't extra money I never bought them, if I did I would. Also a pack would last me a week because I would only have 1-2 before and after work. Never smoked when I I'm home. I Quit fully with DD up until I was 5 months pregnant. Then my father passed away and that was it. I started up again until DD was born. I felt bad for doing it but it was my stress reliever but I still only had the 1-4 a day depending on how I felt. But it's been like that off and on since I had her. But this time I'm determined to be done for good. I hated it because it's such a bad habit. But it was the only one I ever had and I didn't do it often I didn't think it was so bad. But I'm tired of sneaking around too bc DF never knew I did it while pregnant with DD or even after, he thought when I quit I did for good because I just hid it from him. I'm doing good right now, haven't had any major cravings yet, I hope I don't either lol

Hope you can do it this time around. I know it's hard and its easier to do it when your ready.
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