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January 23rd, 2012, 10:45 PM
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Here I am again ladies

We're going into cycle 6 and although I know that we haven't been trying too long, Im having some issues that I read may be due to low progesterone. I know the Dr can test my levels but she wont order any tests because we haven't reached that 12 month mark when they are finally willing to discuss fertility issues. Ive read that spotting before and after AF can be fairly normal, however I have spotting for 4-10 days before my AF every time. I have read that this could be a sign or low progesterone. I know some of the ladies on here have used progesterone creams and it worked for some of them in reducing the spotting and getting BFPs.

Can anyone tell me more information about using these progesterone creams??

Heres more about me

Im 34
I have lots of eggs and healthy ovaries according to a recent ultrasound (1yr ago).
I have an almost clockwork regular cycle that is 34 days long.
I spot anywhere from 4-10 days leading up to AF and then usually have a normal AF for 3-5 days.
I just started using OPKs last cycle and found that I was O'ing a few days after my FF calendar said I was (which may be why we're on cycle 6 Oops!)
I walk about 24-26 miles per week for exercise.
I have never smoked or done any drugs ever and I have a drink once or twice a year.
I have no known health conditions.
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