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January 24th, 2012, 12:10 AM
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I have been really concerned because I haven't had morning sickness. With all of my other pregnancies I had it awful by now. My first appointment isn't until next month, so that doesn't make me feel any better. I have had nausea occasionally; but nothing to the point that I felt the need to throw up.

My breasts aren't sore, only the nipple area. My emotions are going crazy and I have had quite a few crying spells. I am always hungry but when I eat a meal I feel overfull. I feel tired and exhausted most of the day. I definitely have developed the forgetfulness, lol. I went into the store to get a money order I've been meaning to get for a week and knew exactly how much it needed to be. Only to get back in my car and realize I got one for the wrong amount. My husband had to remind me how much it was supposed to be for. I had to go right back in and get another. My taste buds are also changing. Normally my favorite drink is Diet Dr.Pepper, now it tastes completely different. Oh well, I have to stop drinking so much caffeine anyway!

I'll still feel much better once I see the doctor and get the confirmation that everything is well!!
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