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January 24th, 2012, 12:22 PM
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Hello I'm Mel. Married and mommy to 5 daughters! 11,8,3,1 & 9 months old! I currently work f/t and go to school f/t! Exhausting! I am expecting #6 maybe due sept 28 not sure yet first appt is feb 20. Little background of me : my last period was dec12,2011. Periods would come every 30-34 days. Had white jelly stretchy cm on January 1st and was taking opks that day it was dark but not as dark as control line we also dtd on january 1 very early morning everyday that week I had same kind of cm and on January 4 I thought I had positive opk and was having ewcm.we dtd that day. Then the next day I had ovulation pains. I thought it was all in my head cuz I never had ovulation pain before lol. But it was going on till the mid afternoon. Still ewcm for out 3 days after then reg sticky cm then jelly cm. I tested with a hpt starting on jan 11 6dpo just in case maybe I thought I ovulated on jan 1. But it was a neg. then finally got a positive on jan 15. I've already had numerous mc due to low progesterone levels. So jan 17 maybe 12dpo my hcg level was 26 progesterone 9. She put me on protruim misspell until week 12. 14 dpo 77, 16 dpo 167. No more b/w. so did I ovulate on jan 5? And do u think the sperm from jan 1 could've fertilized the egg 4 days later? Well I'm glad I'm here!!
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