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January 24th, 2012, 06:10 PM
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CD 21 is them checking your progesterone to see if you've ovulated by CD21. I know not everyone ovulates on CD14, but don't worry about that, even if you O on CD 17 or 18 it will show in your progesterone by CD21. Most docs start with that CD as a guideline and once you start doing more fertility stuff they'll test you 7 days after when they think you've O'd. If you don't have enough progesterone on CD21, that's when they'll started checking if you actually O or if your cycles are too long they'll work on that.

CD3 b/w depends on how much your doc wants to test. Most common is to test for FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) to see what your egg reserve is, your LH (lutenizing hormone) which should be low and increases as O gets closer, your E2 - estradiol (estrogen) which also should be low or can be indicative of a cyst or diminished ovarian reserve. There may be others your doc would want but those are most common

I wouldn't worry about asking for it just yet as if they don't think there is an issue they may wait on it

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