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August 16th, 2006, 01:49 PM
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<span style="font-family:Georgia">My husband went to Iraq on Jan 29 and I found out I was pregnant on Feb 1, I was about 10 wks along and we due Sept 1. In July I started to develop weird swelling and my BP started to go up, my docs said it was nothing major that I was fine. I went to NJ for 3 wks and came home, I was still very swollen and started thinking it might be cause of the heat (it was VERY hot and humid here in GA and my A/C wasn't working). I cut out the salt and tried my best to stay off my feet (very hard to do with a 5 yr old & a 3.5 yr old) and I even tried a few home remidies but nothing worked. On Aug 24 I went into L&D with a friend cause I was VERY worried about the swelling and in a lot of pain, their first responce "you know swelling is a normal part of pregnancy right".. UGH! So they see me and did an NST and the doc came in and spoke with me about pre-e, but I couldn't do the 24 hour urine since they didn't have any of the jugs, but I had a docs appt the next day so they took blood, checked me and said I was 1CM and sent me home.

The next day I go for my checkup and I gained 11lbs in 1 wk, all swelling, I had stage 4 pitting edema (a bit higher than my knee's) and my BP was 177/98, my doc looked at me and says "oh dear, looks like you're gonna have to stay!" She walked me over to L&D and we went through a big ordeal because my oldest was in school so I called someone to get her, and my husband was on his way home in a couple of days, so I agreed to stay if they did NOT induce (in the mean time I couldn't get word to my husband cause he was catching back to back flights home), so they checked me and said I was 0CM (which I thought was weird) and got me settled into the mother/baby unit for my stay.

Friday morning they weighed me and I lost 3lbs, which was good and I had another NST, things were alright but Belle refused to stay on the moniters. Sat night I had finished my urine watch and the doc came in to talk to me, said I was ok but there was protien in my urine, not a lot but enough to worry them, my BP was NOT coming down below 162/94 and they wanted to induce me in the AM, I asked them to please wait till Sunday cause by that time he'd be home for sure, they agree'd as long as my BP didn't go back up, they'd wait.

Saturday morning (early morning) I started having contractions and thought nothing of it, at around 10 they got pretty intence so I called my SIL (she came down from NC to babysit) to come and stay with me in the hossy, I asked her jokingly if she was ready to hold my hand, oye! They took me for an NST and my contractins were about 10-15 mins apart, then around 12 my SIL got there and I told her my contractions were getting to be unbearable and about 8-10 mins apart, they took me over, just to check, and turns out I'm 4CM and ready to go.

I had no meds (by choice) except for magnisum sulfate to help keep my BP down, they broke my water and had to put an internal moniter since Belle would NOT stay still to be monitered then they had to put some thing to spray in there since she pooped. At about 3:30 I got antsy and started pushing and they kept telling me no I was only 9 and a lip, I HATED hearling that. At about 3:45 I was finally ready to go but I was SO tired from everything that I had NO energy to do anything. A few mins of pushing and nothing so my doc said something about gettng foreceps, as soon as I heard that I gave 2 BIG pushes and out came her head, of course I had to stop and wait for them to suction her out, but there she was.

Belle came into this world on Aug 27, 2005 @ 3:58PM weighing 6lbs 10ozs and 19" long.

After she was born we both had some issues. I had to stay on the BP machine over night in L&D, with an IV and the mag sulfate & a cathiter (sp?), Belle had to be put on a very small amount of oxygen later that night (was breathing too fast) and wasn't taken off till around 9PM on Sunday night. My husband made it home at abough 12PM on Sunday afternoon.

Sorry that was so long, just couldn't find a way to put it into shorter words.</span>
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