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January 25th, 2012, 02:51 PM
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I would love to get some opinions since I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the moment... Here is our situation:

TTC over a year and a half with an early m/c (8 weeks) in August 2010. We got pregnant our very first cycle ntnp but it ended in the m/c and since then we can't manage to get pregnant again.
My progesterone is low and I was on clomid for 3 cycles, which lengthened my LP (from about 10 days to 14) and brought the progesterone up to 95!!
We've done about 5 SAs; the first one revealed a high WBC. The urologist gave DH a 7 day antibiotic and after several more SAs the WBC is down to 1-5, which is ok according to urologist.
I had an hsg done last week Monday which revealed open tubes and a normally shaped uterus.

Since DH's count is low, in the mid 20s and his motility isnt good either, we have decided on moving ahead with an IUI.
The RE told us the IUI is about $670 but I found out yesterday when we went in for more BW that this is for a non-triggered cycle.
The ovulation induction cycle is $1400 and I guess that's when they give you clomid and the hsg shot.

We are waiting on our labs to come back within the next 10 days and if they look good we are cleared for the IUI!

So I would love to get some opinions.. The way I look at it is that with the triggered O, I am pretty much guaranteed a good progesterone level and the chances of a bfp are also increased. I'd rather shell out that money the first go around and hopefully have it end in pregnancy than to do one IUI (no trigger) and it not work. Now I realize even with the triggered O there is a good chance of it not resulting in pregnancy but I feel like my chances are better, especially since my progesterone will be where it should be and my LP will be a few days longer.

Sorry for the long post but thanks in advance for the input!

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