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January 25th, 2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by *JenJen* View Post
Why is there such a difference in price between a medicated and unmedicated cycle, especally just a clomid + trigger? I'd ask about that, because clomid is fairly cheap(under $30), a trigger is less than $100. I'd assume they are still doing some kind of monitoring with an unmedicated cycle as well, so those would really only be the price differences.

Personally, I'd do the trigger. I prefer doing the trigger and knowing within a very precise window as to when I will ovulate.
i was wondering the exact same thing....and wondering if i exist in a little bit of a bubble with my RE b/c i'm not paying anything right now other than co-pays for all of the monitoring they're doing during my cycle. The trigger shot & clomid were both cheap - maybe $30-40 combined? So the difference is i'm not doing IUI...and I don't understand why combining in a trigger shot + 1 or 2 u/s would be such a huge jump in price....unless your insurance is covering nothing at all from a monitoring perspective?

Anyway, if the cost is essentially the same, i'd do the trigger shot - it's nice to have a little more monitoring & control of ovulation (speaking as someone who missed O last cycle and couldn't then use the trigger shot)...but if it's really hundreds of dollars more I'd probably skip the trigger shot.

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