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January 25th, 2012, 04:36 PM
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First off, thanks SO very much for all these responses!! It helps more than I could ever express just having such a support system. Thank you!

I want back over the two sheets (one is IUI info sheet the other is ovulation induction therapy sheet) and it looks like (as far as I can interpret) that with the IUI ($670), all you are getting is just the IUI. It doesn't say anything about monitoring... So maybe that's where the price difference lays? With the induction it states on the sheet that you get 2 u/s visits along with bw and medications. Maybe I need to call up there tomorrow. I guess with the IUI you monitor your opks on your own and call them as soon as you get a positive?

I'd hate to jinx I g myself but as you can see from my charts, I O very dependably on CD 17... Now leave it to my luck that the stress from an upcoming IUI delays my O the cycle we are supposed to get it done... lol. I guess that's why it would be nice to have the reassurance of the triggers.

As far as I know our insurance doesn't cover any part of the IUI. They have covered all the lab work so far so I guess maybe that will be covered if we go with the trigger.

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