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January 26th, 2012, 03:15 AM
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1. Cam
2. Alex
3. our birthson (we were 15 and 18), Christian - 3, our daughter, Ryan - 6 months, twins on the way - Aug '12 and we are legal gaurdians of my brothers kids, Maria - 11, Sarah - 7 and Owen - 20 months. We also have our angel in heaven, Christian's twin, Alea.
4. We will probably give it a rest after the twins, but a big, big family is definetly on the cards for us. I come from 6 brothers and a sister and Alex has 3 sisters and a brother, so big families are what we do xD.
5. I'm the kind of parent/aunt that doesnt 'mollycoddle' the kids. Our lives are basically farmers lives, with the exception that we also breed/train/compete horses.
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