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January 26th, 2012, 07:29 AM
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Originally Posted by bryan and nina View Post
I don't know what to do. It seems like EVERYONE on here unanimously agrees that the prices are too high--but on the other hand, I don't think we have much to chose from! As far as I know, the only other RE is about 2 hours away from here, a friend of mine uses them actually and I already asked her-- she said they charge the same. I think it's just the area we live in, unfortunately. DH and I still need to have the convo about which route we will take anyways. I will try to do a search to see if there are more REs in this area, but like I said, mine and the one 2 hours away are the only ones I came up with when I started the search.
That really sucks; I wish ours was less expensive! That would help matters tremendously.
I think I want to go with the trigger and just do the whole thing at once; hopefully that will do the trick. It looks like my progesterone is low again this cycle, judging from the low post O temps I have gotten so far so clomid will definitely help.

Hey Jillian, can you give me some pointers on the 2 day surging? I always get 2 days of positive OPKs too and then O on the second day. Is that something that I should factor in?

Thank you so much for all the responses! They are greatly appreciated.
Sure. My doctor only did one day of IUI. When I triggered it was 24 hours before my IUI and I feel like it was just too soon. I cramped more the next day (you know how Clomid makes you cramp around ovulation). Anyway, I know it's the standard for a lot of doctors, but for me, I felt like it was a waste.

So, my other IUI I was so defeated and just DONE with TTC for awhile. I decided that I wouldn't trigger because I had no problem ovulating and with Clomid I always knew my progesterone was high enough if something was to fertilize. So.... I was told to test with OPK's and when I got my positive to call the doc. After almost a year of knowing I had 2 days of positives and watching the clues of my body, I knew I'd have better luck to wait until the surge was closer to leaving my body. I just KNEW it would give me a closer window for the sperm and egg to meet, instead of shooting the washed sperm in there and them dying off before my ovary pushed my egg out. So, that's what I did. I waited. I tested positive on one afternoon and then I called the next day and told them I tested positive THAT day. We scheduled for the next morning. So I tested positive. Then the next day I tested positive, then the next morning I was fading to negative and that was the morning of the IUI. I had read that IUI's were MOST successful 8-12 hours EITHER side of ovulation. I feel like that is how it worked. Truly.

I know this is long. Ask me anything you need for me to clarify. Maybe a trigger with a 30-40 hour wait before IUI would have worked better for me. IT just wasn't planned that way.

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