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January 27th, 2012, 06:48 AM
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Sarah so glad that your workous are finally paying off and yes muscle does burn more calories than fat so once you build up some muscle that fat will start to fall off. Sorry that you haven't heard back on the job. I know how hard it is out there to find a job right now. I have tons of clients who have been laid off and are looking for jobs.

I don't know what anti-seizure medication that Brinkley but my little Sh** zu is on phenobarbitol. He has epilepsy and that medication has been wonderful for him. He hasn't had a seizure in years. I'll let you know what the dr. says about Brinkley today after his appointment.

Katie I can't wait to see how your diet goes. So glad that you are getting started and hoping this will be your miracle cure to get pregnant. And yes when both you and Sarah get pregnant which I know will happen, we will all continue to workout together. I didn't work out alot in the first trimester because I was so sick but now I seem to be doing pretty good. My workouts are no where near as hard as before but I'm hoping you guys are right and they help with the labor and delivery.

Katie I hope you hear back from your job soon and I really hope you get it.

No workout for me today. I am going home after work today and cleaning my house so that will be my workout today. We are going to the Car show today to look at vehicles tomorrow so I won't have time to do it tomorrow. I want to get another SUV but DH wants a minivan so we are going to go look at everything that's available right now and see what we like better.

Anybody have any fun plans for the weekend? Hope everyboy has a great weekend.

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