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January 28th, 2012, 12:56 AM
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AHHHH, okay, just read back over this, but you are now 37/38 weeks now, and your doctor STOPPED LABOR, and is now scheduling a C-Section even though 36/37 weeks is the "A-OKAY" point to give birth because baby's lungs are good to go? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOUR FREAKING DOCTOR?

Seriously, I am amazed. Utterly AMAZED. And horrified. That too. I'm sitting here shaking my head.

WHY... why have you stayed with this doctor's office? Sweetie, READ. EDUCATE yourself. Or you are going to end up with one hell of a birth that will scar you. Believe me, been there, done that, got the freaking t-shirt. Birth is not something you can just make a whimsy-poo decision on. It really isn't. A Caesarean is a MAJOR abdominal surgery that will lay you up for 8 to 10 weeks.

I am seriously concerned that you aren't being properly cared for by your doctors. I really am.

Oh, and by the way, your MIL sounds like my friend. Actually this whole story sounds like hers. She went into premature labor a few weeks or so before her due date. The doctors stopped it because they weren't sure of her due date, and thought it was three weeks later. Five weeks later, my friend goes into labor. Again. Her daughter was "overdone" as the saying goes. Turns out if the docs hadn't stopped her labor, my friend wouldn't have had 50 something odd hour labor, horrible medical issues, and one of the more hellish C-sections I've ever heard of that took her FOUR MONTHS to recover from. Anyway... I'm rambling.

I know it's late for you in your pregnancy, but for god's sake, your doctor sounds like a complete lunatic.
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