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January 28th, 2012, 05:50 PM
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I decided that I had better write this down before I forget everything. The details are hard to remember once you have your baby at home!

On the evening of the 18th, I noticed that my back and butt were very, very tight. Like when you have been doing a lot of stairmaster workouts or something. This had happened a week before, so I didn't think it was labor. I just thought the end of pregnancy was taking a toll on my muscles.

One thing I noticed aside from the back and butt tightness that night was that I was insatiably thirsty. I probably had 5 glasses of iced tea with dinner. Then I baked some chocolate chip cookies, ate a few and decided to go to bed right before midnight. I took some Tums and adjusted my pillows, then laid down and all of a sudden, *WHOOSH!* "OMG, my water water broke, OMG OMG OMG!" I looked at the clock and it was midnight on the dot. DH just said, "Okay, call your mom and I'll get everything ready". In the mean time, the amniotic fluid just kept gushing and gushing and I was waddling around our bedroom and bathroom trying to get my stuff ready. I got in the shower to freshen up, got dressed, called the answering service for my OB and they told me to go to L&D. At that point, the contractions were still just tightness in my back and butt and I was still gushing in waves.

My mom got to our house and we all went to the hospital. They were out of rooms and had to clean one while we waited in the waiting room for about 20 minutes. I was still not in a lot of pain and still losing fluid.

Finally, we got a room and they hooked me up to the monitors and IV which made it REALLY difficult to use the restroom. I kept having to go and each time, had to navigate the room with the stupid IV pole which was a real PITA. I hated it! A few hours in, the contractions were really very much stronger. The more water I lost, the stronger they got by a LOT. My contractions were not in a good pattern at all. I would have them one on top of the other, then 6 minutes apart...some would last a minute and a half, some would last 30 seconds...Because my pattern didn't improve, I got pit. Eventually, the baby started having decels and we had to find a position for me to be in where his heart rate would be good. I had to lay on my right side for a long time which made dealing with the contractions more difficult. They put an oxygen mask on me to increase my O2 levels for the baby, which was stressful! Eventually, I went ahead and asked for an epidural. The epidural wasn't super strong. I could still move around into different positions mostly without help. I ended up having a big crash in blood pressure which scared me. I started to feel out of it and said, "I feel really weird" at about the same time that alarms on the little machines started to beep and such. They gave me epinephrine to perk me up again. I ended up getting an amnioinfusion because I had already lost so much amniotic fluid and they felt it would improve the baby's heart rate by helping bouy him up off of his cord. It worked! I was happy because if it hadn't, it would have been c-section time.

By about 8 am, my doctor came in (the on call doc had treated me until that point) and she checked me. I was already 8cm! I spent the morning hanging out at 8cm until around 1:30 pm when I said to my mom, "I feel like the elevator just dropped a floor..." and now that I look back on it, that was the feeling of finally being complete. I could feel quite a bit at that point. The nurse checked me and sure enough, I was complete. She said we could just hang out and let the baby work his way down so I wouldn't have to push much. I was cool with that. They set up the room and everything and then tried pushing a little. I pushed a few times, then they told me that my doctor was on her way and I would need to wait a little, that turned into like 30 minutes, lol! All in all, the actual pushing time was about 15 minutes although on my labor sheet it says 45 minutes because they counted it from when I first tried pushing plus all the waiting time for the doctor all the way to the final push. I say NO FAIR, lol! I pushed him out all at once because I couldn't stop him. They wanted his head to come out, then rest, then push the rest of him out, but that wasn't about to happen.

He was so cute even when he first came out! We let the cord pulse and he got to stay on me for almost an hour before they took him.

And that's it! We have a baby!

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