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January 29th, 2012, 12:17 AM
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Has anyone else gone through this? This is a nightmare. Our DD (4) has so many issues and we are still trying to figure everything out that is going on with her. She has been in counseling since she was 3 years old and we have finally gotten her into a new counselor. I was not thrilled with the old one since she had gone there for a year and still no diagnoses except "mental problem". Anyways i have never posted here before and i hope you dont mind me just jumping in like this but i need to vent and maby hear someone, anyone tell me everything will be ok. So a little back story on our DD..She is 4 and half years old and we have had so many issues with her from sleep to behavior problems. We had a sleep study done and got our results back the other day which were not good at all Hoping her new counselor will give us some answers as for the behavior problem but its hard to know if its just behavioral or if its from her major lack of sleep. Anyways when we got the sleep study results i made sure to tell my mom (for the millionth time) if she can not be there as support for us then we dont need her around period. She attacks me and my hubby any chance she can get and blames us for the way dd acts etc. She can do no wrong and it all must be our fault, we must be horrible parents or neglect her as she puts it. That is not true, if that were the case our son would also act the same way as her. Its gotten so bad to the point i am literally about to cut off ALL contact with her because when i do talk to her is our daughter comes up she starts pointing fingers at us...she even told me the other night when i told her about the sleep study results that it doesnt matter what the machine picked up that she knows Raleigh so well that there is nothing wrong with her and the machine along with us were just lying. I swear she is a crazy nut for saying a machine that picks everything up is "lying". We have our results printed out and i told her the next time i see her i will GLADLY show her so she can see we are not lying. So sorry this is so long but just looking to talk to someone else who might be going through the same thing. The one person you would think that would be there for you no matter what in life you would think it would be your mother but apparently not with her. I just feel so sad, depressed and lost. We have been going through so much with her for so long and i feel like i have literally no one except my hubby. It also doesnt help that my mom acts this way because our daughter needs as many people as she can to help support her in life and i feel like all she has is her father and myself.
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