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January 29th, 2012, 05:00 PM
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I was having trouble with my insurance covering my Zofran, for the morning sickness I've been having. Well a good friend called in a favor and got me some free samples from one of her DR friends!!! Because of this I've finally been able to eat and keep food down. I've gained the 5lbs back that I had lost from all the throwing up. Not really happy about that, but I know it's going to happen haha.

Food just isn't the same anymore. Hardly anything ever sounds good, but when it does, I HAVE to have it! I don't care what it is or what time it is, if it's not in the house I will go get it. I seem to be wanting lots of fast food. I really wanted to eat more healthy throughout my pregnancy but the OBGYN says eat what you can, because it's not always easy to stomach certain things. I know one thing is I cannot be around hamburger! The smell, even the sight, oh Lordy the THOUGHT makes me feel ill! Anyhow I've been taking some pictures each week. I wish they were a little better quality and a lil closer to the same spot each time, but these will do to get the idea of how I'm growing. (posted below) I cannot wait until my stomach resembles MORE of a baby bump. Being a lil bigger to start I feel silly rubbing my tummy like pregnant women do, considering it's really not much different. Then again I still catch myself doing it!


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