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January 30th, 2012, 03:13 PM
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Welcome to the board. Of course we don't mind you jumping in.

I'm sorry your having such a hard time with your mom.

It is hard for grandparents to see actual mental illness in a child because when they had kids it really wasn't diagnosed. They were told it was bad parenting and dicipline would fix everything. We now understand mental illness better and do diagnose but older people do not see this as anything different and know what they were told as their kids were growing up.
I agree with this. Even a lot of doctors and therapists still don't fully understand mental illness in children.

I feel like We've been really lucky with our family understanding my dd's issues but when it comes to her anxiety, we do get occasional comments from them and from others like "Shouldn't she be over that by now?" or "I thought you said she was getting better." Sometimes they'll chime in with 'advice' or tell me to stop babying her. It's frustrating but I know they mean well.

My only advice for you....maybe bring your mom with you to a couple doctor's appointments. Have the doctors talk to her directly about what's going on. In my expirience, older people tend to trust a doctor's word over a parents because..... "They went to medical school. They must know what they're talking about." (we know this isn't always true.)

I'll be praying for you. Hope things get better soon. Keep us posted.

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