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August 16th, 2006, 07:02 PM
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Tegan - love this too - i like it spelled Teagan
Delaney - LOVE
Monica - nms
Elizabeth - nms
Ayley - its cute
Lorelei > Lorelye, probably - cute cute cute name, dont care for the lorelye spelling though - makes me think of a cleaning agent
Leyton - i really like this name BUT for a boy - i know a little boy named that so i automatically think boy for this name
Hadley - nms (for some reason this name always makes me think of the bad guy in blazing saddles)

Holden - cute!
Asher - LOVE this - that would suck if your friend used it though!
Declan - really love this too
Talan - not too bad
Nathan - cute
Sawyer - i don't care much for this one
Seven - i'm not a fan of number names - but if i had to pick one, seven would be the one i would choose
Keiran - i do like this name alot, but i always think of it as a girls name
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