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January 31st, 2012, 01:55 PM
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One of my best girlfriends started TTC her second in july last year at about the same time we started TTC #1, I saw on facebook today that her and her BF have found a new place to live, now theyv been looking for a while but in no rush but I saw this and suddeny thort that maybe the rush is because she's pg. So iv just text her asking if shed had any joy filling the new soon to be available 3rd bedroom and she text back to say shed been late and POAS and got a faint line but had a tiny bit of bleeding this morning so wasn't sure what was happening. I'm thrilled for her and her BF and excited that her little girl may be gettin a brother or sister but its so difficult, I'm glad she told me over text and not in person,
Needed to vent really as Rob doesn't quite understand how I can be so happy for her and sad at the same time. Hmmmpphhh

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