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February 1st, 2012, 02:39 PM
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I was just reading this in an email thinking "this'll be on the board when I get there".

I'm honestly disgusted. But I have been with this specific foundation since the first lawsuit for using "cure".

But this is just crazy. Gah... I'm sputtering in my head.. I hate politics in healthcare, really hate it. I was happy to read that two Senators (both women) spoke against this.

On her campaign blog (fire up the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine because, curiously, these pages don't exist anymore), Handel wrote: "I will be a pro-life governor who will work tirelessly to promote a culture of life in Georgia. ... I believe that each and every unborn child has inherent dignity, that every abortion is a tragedy, and that government has a role, along with the faith community, in encouraging women to choose life in even the most difficult of circumstances. ...since I am pro-life, I do not support the mission of Planned Parenthood."

Handel even "promised to eliminate funding for breast and cervical cancer screenings provided by" Planned Parenthood, according to Jezebel.
Who Is Behind Susan G. Komen's Split From Planned Parenthood? - Nicholas Jackson - Health - The Atlantic

apparently it involves cervical screening too. *mutters expletives* who cares where the screening is being done, as long as women can get access to affordable screening procedures before it is too late. Hospitals perform abortions too don't they? Will they cut the funding to any hospital who performs abortions next?

I think I'll refrain from pink merchandise this year and find another cancer charity.
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