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February 2nd, 2012, 11:26 AM
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I'll differ in opinion. For the most part, I think it's fine. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a private organization. They have the ability to choose to support whichever establishments they choose and allocate their funds in the areas they most want to support. I understand that they money that had been, in the past, allocated to Planned Parenthood was given for specific reasons, not for abortions; however, by giving money for those areas, it frees up some of Planned Parenthoods other funds to go towards abortions. It's not a direct funding of abortions, but indirectly, it really does aid Planned Parenthood in offering them. The foundation is based on life, so I can absolutely understand their desire to avoid associations with abortions, regardless of what my own personal stance on abortions may be.

The money not going to Planned Parenthood will be used for other organizations. They aren't saying they will no longer assist in funding free or low cost mamograms to women in need. They WILL. They are only choosing a new outlet that is more alinged with their beliefs and their mission. The article cited was very biased on that matter, and this statement (from the author) really bothered me:
supports crisis pregnancy centers, which are unregulated, Christian-run operations whose main mission is to convince pregnant women not to have abortions.
It is entirely incorrect. Yes, many Christian-run crisis pregnancy centers exist, and they typically advertise themselves as such. However, there are also many other cirsis pregnancy centers that are NOT Christian-run. They may not offer abortions; they may not even be pro-abortion; and they may not assist a pregnant women in getting an abortion (or they MAY do all or some of these things); but they WILL provide all the information necessary for an informed decision and will NOT pressure anyone in a direction they do not want to go. This I know for sure. If the Susan G. Komen Foundation wishes to support centers like these instead of Planned Parenthood, then I'm not seeing a problem. Women in need still have access to medical care, they just need to go somewhere else to find it.
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