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February 2nd, 2012, 03:39 PM
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February 2, 2012 - 22 Weeks - I made the unfortuante mistake of looking at an NYS adoption website.. I feel in love with a little boy's picture!!! And I know that Id be diving in WAY over my head if I looked into adoption & having my own at relatively the same time, however he's so beautiful and my heart just breaks that he doesn't have a mother and a father to love him. Ive always wanted to adopt, since I was 9 years old. Luckily DF is on board with me, however I didnt know how easy NYS make it to adopt through the state. I'd love to foster I just dont know if I have the power to give a child back to their parents after Ive welcomed him or her into my home as my own child. I wish I was selfless and could, however Im just not strong enough!! But now as Im watching a fire is growing in me to adopt, and were not ready for it. DF would have to get an AMAZING job and we would have to find an affordable 2 bedroom apartment asap! But honestly I think as soon as were relatively set up, were going to be looking into adoption. I love my little boy inside me, hes my whole world!! Even having him, I know I still have so much love to give to these children, and truthfully if I had my way we'd adopt the rest of our children. DF says to leave it up in God's hands. If we get pregnant and stay pregnant again it was ment to happen, and while were waiting we can look into adoption once were both settled with decent jobs!! So basically my prayers are just switching to DF getting a better job so he can support us and I only have to work part time..

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