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February 2nd, 2012, 06:13 PM
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Don't laugh, but my favorite recipe is tuna! But I make it very different than a lot of people.

Here are my steps to making greatness from a can~

Ingredients: Canned Light Tuna, Mayo/Mayo Light/Miracle Whip, Green Olives, Peppercinni Juice, French Onions, American cheese, wheat bread, salt.

1: Empty out the can of most or all water, and pour tuna into a bowl. (Duh)
2: Mix in the Green olives, but makes sure you chop them and take out the red middles, also mix in the mayo and pour in a spoonful (Or more) or the Peppercinni Juice.
3: Toast the bread if desired, and melt the cheese just a bit.
4: Put the tuna on top the cheese and pour on a bit of salt.
5: Before putting the bread together, dribble on some French onions to the top of the tuna. I like to cover the tuna completely, but that may be because I love French onions.
6: Put the bread together and voila! A delicious tuna sandwich~
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