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February 2nd, 2012, 07:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Frackel View Post
That's the crux of the problem. Not all women truly can. PP exists on a much larger scale than most other organizations. Just because you personally know of some other places women can go, does not mean everyone does. Nor does it mean they are accessible for the majority of women in today's society. The reality is, they simply are not accessible.
We have a PP here-in this county that is, not this town. We used to have another place that offered free and low cost assistance to women and men in need. It no longer exists. That's the way many places are going these days too. They simply can't survive on their own without assistance. When the donations dry up, or trickle down, they're forced to close eventually. There just aren't as many places as there used to be, or should be, for both women and men to get the care they need.
Exactly, Planned Parenthood isn't everywhere. You said the independent Crisis Pregnancy Centers cannot survive without assistance, but SGK is offering that assistance. It doesn't have to be Planned Parenthood. Just because an organization is the largest in a specific field does not necessarily make it the best organization or even the best organization to support.

SGK pulling their funding out will have a greater impact than many think. I do believe they have every right to fund whatever they want to fund. I actually don't have a problem with that. I do take issue with them switching sides, as it were, halfway through the game. I find it beyond odd. I do take issue with them doing this so publicly too. because now they're on some sort of political campaign, and I find that to be quite stupid. They could have easily just pulled funding and walk away if what PP does truly does not fit their criteria for a place they wish to support. But they didn't, and they didn't choose that route, for a reason. People have supported SGK for years. For whatever reason some may very well believe that places they no longer want to support, aren't worthy of their donations anymore either. It's a vicious cycle that only begins with SKG and ends in PP losing a lot more in donations than just those funds. I find that sad.
I think you hit the nail on the head. It was done so publicly BECAUSE it was a political move. The new president has an anti-abortion agenda (from the article). In fact, there is a lot of negative press towards Planned Parenthood lately, especially as the presidential campaign moves forward. SGK is either publicly forwarding their anti-abortion agenda OR they are doing it for the publicity and the severance with PP. I'm sure SGK has publicity agents looking out for how these decisions will affect the Foundation. Cutting ties with PP could be a very strategic move for them. Yes, it might be very negative towards PP, but it might not be. Honestly, I could easily see it having a reverse effect. Many people are upset and may increase or start supporting PP, knowing that this funding was cut. I think it's too early to say. Regardless, as mean as it sounds, it's not SGK's responsibility to support PP and keep them in business if they aren't in agreement with their practices.

I may not like all that PP offers, or does. But I do like that they offer options for the women, girls and even men and boys, who need them. I don't want to see their funding cut anymore than it already has. Many organizations rely pretty heavily on donations. To think an organization wanted to make it public knowledge and make a pretty big to-do about pulling out(heh, ironic statement there...sorry my immature side speaking) tells me they are simply pulling yet another "we are mighty hear us rawr" stunt. PP hasn't change what it does or provides for years, other than updating to current issues of course. Why all of a sudden have these things become an issue for SGK? They've been supporting them for a long time now.
The powers that be at SGK have turned what was once an amazing organization into just another politically driven corporate being that puts itself above others. They're killing the entire reason the foundation was ever created and I find that sad too. They do a LOT of good. They could do a heck of a lot more, if they stopped losing focus on why they are where they are and what their mission statement really means.
They've lost a lot of support over the recent years because of their actions. That should have been a loud enough wake up call that they really need to change. I think they have earplugs in though. I wonder how many times they believe they can hit the snooze button and still get support from people.
New VP, new board, current negative press towards PP. I have a hypothesis that SGK may have had donations being at risk or even decreasing as a result of the PP support, and public removing that support may be a way to increase or keep funding for their organization. Again, just a hypothesis, though.
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