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February 2nd, 2012, 08:54 PM
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It definitely doesn't have to be PP they support. Not one little bit.

But when PP is the only thing an area has, and a large portion of their donations start trickling away(as for many, they already have), there is a huge problem. I would hope that people would put a positive spin on it and NOT yank their donations too, simply based on what SGK is doing. Unfortunately, that probably won't be the case(though I do hope I am proven quite wrong on that). Even all the negativity in the short term, towards PP is going to have a bigger impact than people think. I can say that with 100% certainty. It already has. Will it be the end of PP? Of course not. But SKG could have done this in a more dignified way and not made it some political thing. I'd think better of them if they chose the high road.
No one HAS to donate to, or assist anyone. I'd be the last person that would suggest people donate to a cause that doesn't fit with their ideals. So I don't fault them for yanking donations or support. I fault them for the circus they've turned it into, the mess they've created because of their decisions, and their lack of empathy towards all it WILL affect. Not because I think they should support all women, regardless of their choices, or anything like that. But because I believe they've made themselves into an entity people support, for many good reasons, and how they go about things will affect more people than they are willing to realize.
A lot of people, and organizations don't support PP. That's their choice, I respect that. What I don't respect is supporting an organization and making promises, then later taking those promises back and making a public spectacle of everything. Don't wish to continue funding? Then don't. Walk away like an adult. Don't announce it to the world and try to make it about something it's clearly not about at all. It's going to backfire. But while we wait for it to backfire, SGK isn't really going to suffer(not that I think they should, because I know the good they have accomplished, and can). PP will suffer, the patients that use their services will suffer. Smaller communities and areas that only have PP and no other place to turn, will suffer. Is that all SGK's fault? No, not entirely. They shouldn't be solely responsible for supporting PP. But they're holding a heck of a lot of blame for what's bound to happen-at least in the short term, for PP and all of it's patients. They clearly didn't think through what their actions could potentially cause.
PP gets enough bad publicity without the aid of some foundation like SGK(which is already proving to have lost it's vision) throwing them under the bus.

I'd love to see them turn this around and make something positive out of the mess they've created. I don't believe for one second they are going to support other organizations in place of their current PP support. I won't believe it until I see it. I know better than to take them seriously at this point. They dug that grave themselves though. This sort of antic seems to be their specialty now and it's going to be their downfall too. People already thought they were whackadoodles for the whole "cure" thing. Hopefully this will show people the whack hasn't gone anywhere and is still very much alive and kicking there.
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