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February 3rd, 2012, 04:39 AM
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So Amber is at a Private school which we loved last year... this year not so much.
We transferred here last year because Amber was unhappy at the public school (she said the kids were very ill behaved and the teachers spent more time yelling at the kids then teaching) also the 2nd grade curriculum was 2 years BEHIND what they were teaching at her old school back at the old duty station.
Now this year, it seems 3rd and 4th grades, while still behind what they are doing at the old duty station its what they're doing in the private school she is in.
Amber is gifted and NEEDS a gifted program the private school doesnt have one but the public school does. We have already decided not to send her back to the private school next year.
Here is where we are conflicted... do we have her finish the year out then transfer or pull her out now? She doesnt have many friends at the private school and really the only thing she would miss is her ecology club. We have not been made to feel welcomed here by the other families and most of the staff hasnt either. Her current teacher has made it VERY clear to me this year we are not expected to return next year :/ and I hate to be THAT parent but it seems EVERY project my daughter turns in is unfairly graded. One example she worked for HOURS on a research paper on a Saint and a few parents were at the presentations, well ALL of them said she had one of the best ones (they dont like me enough to lie to me) but yet she received a C. Another paper she worked on was a group project that my kid WORKED HER BUTT off for and she got a B yet the other group members all got As... she was LIVID with this one BTW.
So IDK I hate to keep her there for the rest of the year if she isnt happy but I dont want to put her under a lot of stress right now (she is having a procedure to close a hole in her heart next week)

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