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February 3rd, 2012, 06:47 AM
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That's quite the dilemma. I find myself being "that" parent sometimes, when it comes to my son. I couldn't stand my son's Pre-K teacher last year. Sometimes, I felt like she had it out for him. I had gotten so frustrated that I wrote her a letter and in it, I told her to pass it along to the Principal. I went on in great length about what kind of teacher I thought she was and how I thought she was ill-equipped to deal with children of his age and intelligence.

I was so sick of being made to feel like all I did was side with my son when I truly felt like he was being treated badly.

Long story short, I kept him at the school, she is no longer there a teacher there and when my son took his Kindergarten assessment tests, the Principal called me and said that he belonged in the First Grade. I'm glad that I waited it out. He is doing much better and finally being challenged.

Is it a possibility that she can be switched to a different class?
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