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February 3rd, 2012, 08:30 AM
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Here are the two embryos that were transferred on Jan. 20. They were frozen in November 2009 after six days of growing in the petri dish.

Well whaddya know...they both stuck!! Here are our kiddos at 6w4d:


10w1d - They were really active, so in all the pics, one baby looks like a blob and the other looks like a baby. Oh well Heartrate for the baby on the left was 168 and the baby on the right was 156.

Here are the pics from the 13w0d ultrasound. The peri says they are definitely di-di twins (they are fraternal, each have their own sac, and each have their own placenta). We couldn't get a good one of both twins in the same pic...they are just too big and active. Here is one of each, though.

Here are the 17w1d pics...both babies were cooperative and showed us what we needed to see

Here are my little sweeties at 20w2d. Baby B (our little girl) was being stubborn and shy, so we didn't get any great shots of her.

Baby Girl at 24w3d:


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