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February 3rd, 2012, 05:31 PM
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So we're staying really busy at my house!

The twins are just about 17 months old, both walking and super mobile and even climbing and things like that. They aren't naughty or high-maintenance really... just, there's two of them and I'm always having to do SOMETHING.

So far, for me, this has been the hardest stage. Logistically anyway. (Physically it was pregnancy, with my 6 meds, bedrest, 3000 calorie, 6 meals a day plus injections 4 times up to 7 pricks each... ugh!!!

The baby stage wasn't that bad. I had lots of help (probably makes a difference there), plus figured out some logistical things for when I didn't (one in the wrap, one in the stroller). Sometimes one baby just cries for a few minutes while I go to the bathroom or whatever I need to do - at the little stage, they don't really have a choice do they? ROFL!!

But this is harder. Like I said it's not anything specific, just a BUSY stage most of the time. All of my other kids have gotten out and run away from me, scary-like, at the age of 2. I'm determined that even though I have TWO toddlers this time that it will NOT happen again. And, as a result, I'm probably hovering a little too much on some days I guess... but for the most part we're just busy and having a blast!!!

What's been the hardest for you so far? Is there any age or stage you're worried about coming up?

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