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February 4th, 2012, 08:38 AM
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February 4th 2012

Well little firefly I should be 16 weeks pregnant now (I go to doc this next week so hopefully she will tell me what I was measuring at my ultrasound).

I am to go for the rest of my genetic blood tests today (quad screen and CF) as I should have gone a day or two ago oops!
Not feeling you move around regularly yet which bums me out, I think I feel you then I go a long time it seems before I feel something again so then I just dunno if my mind is playing tricks on me or not. I am ready to start feeling you regularly so any day now little baby!

I am happy with my weight gain (or lack there of!) so far. Only up about 3 to 4 pounds according to the wii fit which has me at the normal or below normal range for what I started at. Mommy is going to be on a weight loss and health mission once you arrive for sure! (I may have had Bernie O's hotwing pizza for breakfast today though shhhhh!).

Daddy and I are getting excited for tax return money to arrive since we have your crib picked out and are getting excited to set your little space up in our bedroom!
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