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February 5th, 2012, 10:52 PM
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She is in the 3rd grade...she said she is OK with switching during this year under one condition she doesnt go to the public school we're zoned for (which is fine by me I dont want her back there). She has also said she doesnt want to go back to this school next year.
As for another teacher, there is only 1 other 3rd grade class here but it wouldnt make much of a difference since the 2 classes do a lot of their work together.
Our only options is this school or the public schools. The other Private schools are upwards of 3X the price of where she is now (most expensive one here, & of course the one with the best program for her, is $13,000 in JUST TUITION A YEAR) so we really just need to get something going. I have looked at the gifted programs and while I am not too sure how I feel with the integration concept (the gifted kids are in classes with "regular" kids but pulled out a couple times a week for extra instruction) but ALL the public schools here do it with one exception but it would be an hour drive one way without traffic every morning.
Homeschool isnt an option, my husband refuses to consider it

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