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February 6th, 2012, 05:48 AM
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At 2:30 today I go to my doc to go over my numbers. Im really scared ladies. I have a really bad feeling and I just feel like I am probably out. This is gonna feel like the longest day of my life. Well I have to take dd to the doc today, I thought she was just having allergy problems, but it started on friday and she's still not better. So at least that will take up some of my time, If im worrying about her I can't worry about me, right lol. I have tried so much just to expect the worst, but I know as soon as they tell me my numbers are bad im just gonna break down, even though im expecting it. Well wish me luck ladies, and I will still be checking up on you all. I have been watching you ladies for weeks now, I gotta see how all your littles come out

So I went and my numbers are not going up. They are only at 4000, I had 3 draws Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. They all stayed in the 4000. The highest was 4580. So I go for another U/s to check then we start discussing what we want to do if my body doesn't start miscarrying on its own.

So thats my update. Seems I am officially OUT

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