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February 6th, 2012, 11:21 AM
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my pressed and TCOYF book came on saturday! so excited to use the preseed and i've started on the book already. i've only read a couple of chapters so far but its really interesting. im a big reader anyway but for anyone who's new to TTC id definately recommend it! i got my book second hand from amazon so was pretty affordable too. got loads left to read so hopefully lots more helpful tips. the one thing iv read so far that surprised me is that it recommends you ...TMI...'expelling' your SO's ejaculate a couple of hours after you BD so it doesnt get in the way of CM which will help the spermies next time you BD. its logic is that after that time the spermies will have had enough time to majke their way through the cervix and any left by then arent gonna make it! it recommends using kegel exercises to do the 'expelling' - sounds pretty messy lol but i think ill give it a try! anything to help the spermies get to where they need to be!

on a separate note me and my SO spent the weekend laying a new wood floor in our front room and I LOVE it! its beautiful and i love it so much more because we did it all by ourselves!

hope everyones monday has been good!

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