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February 6th, 2012, 02:58 PM
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I called today to get my first appt (I had to wait for the military to send me a referral to say I can see an OB and that took like 3 weeks!) and what was I told? That I am required to take a GROUP pregnancy class with a nurse before I can be seen by a doctor. Seriously? This will be my 4th baby (had a few m/c so not my 4th pregnancy) I think I know what I'm doing. Also, what could they possibly talk about for TWO HOURS? The class isn't until the 21st which means I will be 10 weeks and then I have to make an appt and I might not be seen for a few weeks after that. Thankfully I have a doppler so even if I don't get seen for awhile, I will know before then that my baby has a heartbeat! One thing that does suck is I don't think I'm as far along as they estimate based on LMP so it will be that much longer until I have an actual due date!
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