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August 17th, 2006, 08:31 AM
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So I had a terrible night last night. I wont even say why. Just that if I werent hormonal, it probably wouldnt have been such a big deal Anyways...

I got to the docs this morning and honestly, I was kinda concerned about my cervix. I think I've been having BH contrax, but I was never really sure b/c of where I *think* the baby is - could just be him moving around. Well, as luck would have it, my cervix is looking spectacular, measuring about a 5 which is friggin awesome! She even saw the baby's *head* via the TVU. Or so we thought

So then she decides to take a quick peek at the baby 'just in case' the doctor wants to see. Lo and behold, his butt is what is covering my cervix, and those 'kicks' I've been feeling to the ribs are actually him headbutting me! Yep, and we even caught him in the act! What a booger

He's measuring about 4lbs and is in the 75th%, whatever the heck that means. HE HAS HAIR!!!!! Still a boy too... she was gonna try and get a 4D image of his face, but he was not having it - he's facing inward and she could not get a good shot. No matter - we'll see the real thing in 8 short weeks

So I don't have to go back to the high-risk place for another 6 weeks, and then they will remove my cerclage I am NOT looking forward to that, as I have heard it can be pretty dang uncomfortable. But they said if I couldnt handle it they could do it when I have my c-section, so I will be numb anyways. We'll see I guess

So I feel pretty relieved. I've been so pissy lately - evereything was getting under my skin and I couldnt help it. I feel crazy sometimes. And depressed..... but now I feel like I'm on cloud nine. I hope I can ride it out (the good feeling, that is) for a little while at least. My mom thinks its the extra progesterone I'm taking. She's probably right!

Anyhoo, thats all for me. I'm having computer trouble at work, so only 1 out of every 10 posts actually makes it to the board for some strange reason. So everyone have a blessed day!

Love and Hugs


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