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February 6th, 2012, 07:41 PM
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Originally Posted by KatieKat View Post
Hey there! Glad you started a journal If you do find anything about early O-ing being a problem - can you share it on the board? I'm an early O-er (this month it was CD 10!! - usually around 11/12) and I'm worried it's a problem but haven't been able to find any concrete info on it.

Sorry you're feeling down about this cycle - I hope the early + OPK was just a fluke!
Thanks! If I do find anything I will definitely share it with you! I remember coming reading about it once. I tried googling Oing early the other day but couldn't find a lot about it. I think if you O around 10 or 11 you will most likely be ok but any earlier may be an issue. My problem is my LP is short so I started taking vitamin B6 to O earlier and now it looks like I'm Oing way to early.


I woke up today in a grumpy mood but am feeling a lot better now. I took a OPK test this morning and after work... both negative. I'm hoping for a good night sleep tonight so I can get an accurate temp in the morning so my FX my temp goes back down. I'm hoping by reducing or stopping the B6 will reverse my Oing early and go back to normal. I think I'm going to stop taking it completely for the remainder of this cycle and then start with taking 50mg next cycle. I hope that doesn't screw things up but I really would love to O later but yet have a good that so much to ask for???

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