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February 7th, 2012, 09:11 AM
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Ok stalkers..when do you post your journal stuff mostly?
I ask because I tend to post mostly in the morning, so there's not too much going on but then the next day I have to add all of my "yesterday after posting" bit.. but there's no way I can post at the end of the day since I'm rarely home except basically right before bed... LOL. (I cannot wait to finish my hours for my dog will be easy again!)

CD 29, 7 DPO ~ Cycle #8

Still absolutely exhausted today. At the point of being tired of being tired. A lot of it is the fact that it's still winter and I do get SAD, so I'm pretty sure it has a lot to do with that.

Still starving. Finished my breakfast 20 mins ago and my stomach is still growling and aching in hunger. So what started last night seems to be continuing (often too, I don't eat breakfast until a bit later..but I was starving when I woke up and to the point that I felt sick I was so hungry!).

So, now we go into TMI land.
Yesterday afternoon when I had just finished peeing, I had a crazy intense stabbing pain in my stomach (not right above pubic bone, but beneath my belly button and bit to a side) that lasted for no more or less than about a second and literally made me say "ow"..but then it was gone. Again, weird. Not reading into it. Honest.

Bbs are starting to get sore when I walk..but I had that the last 2 cycles so I'm not even worrying about that (though my hubby says.. your bbs are only sore because you keep poking them!)
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