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February 7th, 2012, 09:11 AM
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Hi All
I am looking for some advice and feedback, stories, etc.
I am currently on Lexapro and slowly tapering off it with my doctors help. I am down to 5mg.
I am also trying to conceive my 1st child with DH.

My OB said that the safest thing for my baby would be for me to not be on any meds IF i get pregnant, but that if I need to be on something that Zoloft is the best and safest option for pregnant mothers and breastfeeding.

I obviously would prefer to be on nothing but have noticed that im getting very moody lately as im tapering off lexapro and im wondering if maybe going on a lowdose of zoloft is really the best option.

I know that once you conceive that your hormones go out of whack and I just want to do the safest thing for myself and my baby. My dr. said sometimes to ensure a calm mother (no anxiety) is to have her on zoloft during pregnancy as that (in some cases) is safer than being on nothing and potentially having really bad anxiety, stress, mood swings during pregnancy.

What do you all think? have any of you been on zoloft during and after pregnancy? Any feedback would be great.

I also suffer from bullimia but have had it under control for about 6 months now.
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