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February 7th, 2012, 04:59 PM
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I have googled this but I get the feeling there are a lot of non-legit "tests" you can mail order. Is there a big-name one that is trusted?

My son is almost 9 and I really need to know if this is what the problem is.

And, supposing that I do find out he has some level of dyslexia (I would be shocked if he didn't), what do you do next? I'm working on spelling with All About Spelling and I think it will be effective (time will tell).

But reading is the big problem. DS is constantly saying "a" instead of "the" or "if" instead of "of" or "fire" instead of "rifle," you name it. He can read, but makes constant mistakes that drive us both batty. I'm convinced he does NOT see the parts of words like most people do. For example, when most people try to read a huge word they've never seen, like say Constantinople, your mind immediately breaks it down into "con," "stan," "tin," "op," "le." For my son, it seems like the whole word is mixed up / mushed together in such a way that is oblivious to the parts of the word (even though I did extensive phonics with him in the past). He also doesn't see root words. He sees "walked" as a whole confusing word rather than seeing immediately that it's the word "walk" with an "ed" on the end. It's so frustrating for both of us. He also has a bad habit of guessing words/memorizing words/using illustration clues to guess at words. I don't know if this is a symptom OF dyslexia (assuming he has it), or if it's the reason his "symptoms" mimic dyslexia, ya know?

Sorry about the ramble. My wheels are just turning about this.


1) Does this sound like dyslexia to you.. or some other kind of bad habit / confusion? I've tried 100 times to get him to read left to right but he KNOWS that. It's easier said than done.

2) Do you know of a LEGIT mail order test?

3) What do you do when your child IS diagnosed with dyslexia? (I homeschool, if that wasn't clear yet.)

I would love to hear especially from moms of dyslexic kids.

Thanks so much.

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