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February 8th, 2012, 11:17 AM
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Hello. I am just curious if anyone has experienced what I am going through or not. On Sunday which was 3 days ago I had sudden cramps. They were just as bad as my period cramps, but what got me was that there was still 10 day until my period. With these cramps I had some spotting. It was a lighter red color and seemed almost watered down. By monday the bleeding had picked up some, but nothing like my normal period( almost not enough to even use a "light" tampon). I was starting to get worried since none of this was normal for me and I just plain felt like ****! I was constantly nauseated all day, which I still am. I felt weak, tired, and light headed. I had by yesterday decided I should probably got to the hospital. I was just getting worried that this wasn't normal. I know I am 23 and things can change, but for it to be a 10 change in my monthly cycle was just odd. It is usually just a day or 2 difference.

When I went to the hospital they said that there it could be implantation bleeding, a miscarriage, or my normal period. They did a pelvic exam and and cultures. I am waiting to see what those tests say, but they took a urine sample and said I wasn't pregnant. My concern is that I have read that it could be too early still by that time for a urine sample to detect a pregnancy. I looked up the different types of urine tests they use at the hospital for preganancy and they say that it only detects at 25mUI. Which would me I would still need a couple of days to know.

Has this happened to anyone? Have you gone to the doctor and been told you are not pregnant, but then a little while later learned that you in fact were? I am having a hard time since they said that this could just be my period, but if it isn't and one still doesn't come at my normal time, I don't want to not know I am pregnant.

PLease I would love to hear what your opinions/ experiences are. Thank you

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