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February 8th, 2012, 03:28 PM
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Ok, waited as long as I could..LOL.

CD 30, 8 DPO

Ugh. I feel terrible today. I'm tired. Bbs hurt. Starving still (I cannot seem to satisfy my stomach). Luckily I haven't felt nauseous today at all (I did have one wave of it yesterday before leaving work and it only lasted about 15 mins or so ..).

I did almost pass out on my boss's desk earlier today though. I was leaning over her desk looking at something on the monitor and I started to get fuzzy around the edges of my vision and basically feel extremely lightheaded.. but with just 2 deep breaths and closing my eyes for a second, I felt ok again. Hasn't happened again since.

About 45 minutes ago the cramps started though. I feel like AF is going to start today or tomorrow (I've actually gone to 'check' if it has a couple times)..which makes me sad since I'm only 8 DPO, but with how insane this cycle has been with the spotting before.. I'm ready to start over.

I know I'm not out yet, but ugh.

And now comes the headache.. LOL. Thank goodness I've already decided to stay home from my class tonight so I can veg out!

... Wow, read this over and I sound way too whiney .. but it is what it is
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