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August 17th, 2006, 10:33 AM
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I'm on it 200mg at night, the suppos. version, which absorbs better. The only side effects I've noticed are ones I'd have if my natural progesterone was high enough to start with: sore bbs, sleepy. My doc said that taking it can only help, not hurt, so if there's a question it's better to take it. I also learned while researching yesterday, that in your mid to late 30's your ability to produce progesterone lessens and requires supplements to support a pg. I can't remember how old you are, but I'm 34 so it definitely applies to me. My progesterone was fine with DS 6 years ago.

As for the 18 days, once the placenta takes over, you don't need the progesterone supplement anymore. That happens ~9-12 weeks, so the 18 days would get you right to the middle of that range.

On the insurance, my insurance only sort of covers it (not for infertility, but yes for pregnancy support). We had to do the pre-auth thing, too. I had to pay up front, then submit for reimbursement. VegasMom said her doc was able to fax her Rx to a pharmaceutical supplier who gave it to her for $15 for 2 weeks. (go read my progesterone post on your subforum) You might ask if your doc knows of a local supplier who can do it. Also, check to see if you have a compounding pharmacy close by. We have 1, which will make the supp's for $2 each instead of $3 each at Walgreens.

Hope that helps. Try to find a way to come up with the money if you can. It's worth the $200 if it gets you into the 2nd trimester and prevents another loss.
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