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February 9th, 2012, 03:15 PM
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Just try not to put to much pressure on yourselves. When you know you "need" to BD, try not to mention TTC stuff, just get "into it".

We had this problem a few times when we first started TTC. It is definitely frustrating. I actually wrote in my journal worrying about it as it hurt my feelings a little bit. What I realized was that I needed to relax and keep a lot of the specifics to myself for awhile so DH wasn't feeling too pressured or that the only reason I was DTD was because ovulation was in X days or whatever. We took a little break, I changed my approach a bit, and we have been OK since.

Don't worry too much. When I was upset about the same thing, SO many other ladies said they'd been through it. I guess it's part of the journey?
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