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February 10th, 2012, 03:12 AM
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So, I have always had difficulties with pumping and was unable to keep up with it for my first two children and made it with exclusive breast milk for my third until just short of 6 months. I honestly don't remember how log Evie has EBM, but *think it was 6 months too. I never had a good stash, less than 50 ounces.

Well, right now there is 20 ounces in my freezer and another ounce in the fridge waiting for a tad more before going in the bag. And I still have about 2 weeks before I go back to work! I started pumping on the first I think, so that is an average of 2 ounces per day, and now I am pumping 3-3.5 per day. That doesn't seem like much, but since I am pumping during/after feedings it is really pretty good!

I am excited about this because I really want to have him drink nothing but breast milk until he is 12 months. I want to avoid formula all together.

Knowing about the D-MER is really helping me too. Now that I know the anxiety and annoyance will go away and that I am not crazy, I can deal with those feelings better. It turns out that nursing causes it, but pumping can make it even worse. I am going to try some of the natural treatments. If those don't work i will meet up with the LC again.

I want to say thanks to S-J, the pumping queen! She told me how he started an what helped her build her ginormous stash. I keep remembering that she starting with just small amounts too and now has surplus. It gives me hope that I will keep increasing too

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