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February 10th, 2012, 06:48 AM
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I have posted a ton of TTC posts lately on trying to make the decision to proceed with baby #3 or not. I have been back and forth, DH has been back and forth and we finally came to the decision last week to just go for it.

I had my IUD taken out last Friday. We have dtd twice since then without protection, but timing was not good for TTC. Fairly certain at this point we are not pregnant.

Since having the IUD out I have found myself searching our budget daily for a way to keep our future goals in tact, but still find the extra $100 a week needed for daycare.

Also, since having the IUD out DH has been quite and worried. He opened up to me and stated he basically feels like a failure because he changed career paths 5 years ago and is still making about 1/2 what he did when he made the change. The added pressure of TTC has added an unbelievable amount of stress on him. It's making him lose his confidence in himself and it is adding to his unhappiness with his job because he feels he can't provide for our family in the way I need/want him to.

I feel like a total basketcase, but think once again, I am going to put the TTC on hold. I want another baby, but I think all signs still point to us not being 100% ready.

I just do't know how I can be soooo certain one minute we can make it work, but then doubt it the very next day.

I am starting to think I am having a major midlife crisis over this and the more I think about it, the more I worry, and the more I worry, the more time I am spending dwelling on overthinking about it.

Having a baby should be a time of joy and I feel like since making the decision it's only added stress into our marriage and family. The timing just isn't right.

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