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February 10th, 2012, 09:11 AM
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Originally Posted by NutMeg76 View Post
Knowing about the D-MER is really helping me too. Now that I know the anxiety and annoyance will go away and that I am not crazy, I can deal with those feelings better. It turns out that nursing causes it, but pumping can make it even worse. I am going to try some of the natural treatments. If those don't work i will meet up with the LC again.

I want to say thanks to S-J, the pumping queen! She told me how he started an what helped her build her ginormous stash. I keep remembering that she starting with just small amounts too and now has surplus. It gives me hope that I will keep increasing too
I'm so glad that your stash is starting to build! Way to go! I struggle with pumping too. What is D-MER and what are you doing to help yourself? Are you pumping after every feeding?

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