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February 10th, 2012, 10:02 AM
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I'm freaking myself out that I could be having twins! I need to lay off the google search...

1- I had a dream we were having twins a couple weeks ago
2- my mom informed me last night that she had a dream we were having twins
3- I cannot stop eating. If I'm not eating, I feel like I'm gonna hurl
4- My boobs have already gone up an entire cup size and are still super tender!
5- I have a rounded belly, and I'm either 7 or 8 weeks. (7 weeks by LMP, 8 weeks by assumed O date).
6- I sent my SIL a pic of my belly and asked her if I looked like 7 or 8 weeks and she said no and that's what all her twin moms look like at this time (she works in an OB office) and this was without me mentioning twins to her at all so I didn't put the idea in her head.

Ok so I know I'm totally just overreacting but thanks for listening to my rant! I hope I'm just one of those people that looks pregnant really early with subsequent pregnancies!
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